Ford Vs GM: 15 Years of Engine Progress

Updated Feb 2, 2015

Time tells an interesting story in the life of the more popular pickup engines that we’ve seen over the past decade-and-a-half

V6s and V8s have changed many, many times since 2000; more power and better fuel economy have accompanied a wide array of engine sizes over the last 15 years

When you look at the different pickup engine options available today from both Ford and GM, it’s easy to overlook how far engine technology has come since 2000.

We took a trip back in time, looking at the V6s and V8s, to see what both Ford and GM offered in their midsize and full-size pickups starting with model year 2000.

What is surprising is how many different engines have come and gone in 15 years, and the range of power – or lack thereof –  between then and now.

Some engines came and went in a short window of time, while others endured much longer.

Check out the graphs to see where your “favorite” engine placed in the power and longevity time mix.