Safety Alert: 1 in 5 Vehicles Have Unfixed Recalls

Recall-Notice-closeBeware when buying used vehicles as they may have at least one safety issue that’s not been fixed; SUVs among the highest risk

New research from Carfax suggests that millions of people may be driving, buying, or selling potentially dangerous cars due to an unfixed recall.

The company’s annual research on the issue shows more than 46 million cars nationwide have at least one safety recall that’s never been fixed. In fact, five million of them were bought and sold by potentially unsuspecting consumers in 2014. 

One of the most alarming discoveries is that people driving or buying family-oriented vehicles – specifically minivans and SUVs – are most at risk. One in three minivans and one in five SUVs has an unfixed recall, according to Carfax.

“America’s cavalier response to manufacturer safety recalls is putting lives at risk,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax.

“Every morning millions of people drive to work, school and other places in a potential ticking time bomb, ” warns Gamache. “Fires, crashes and serious injury are just a few consequences of letting recalls go unfixed. The minor inconvenience that comes from having a recall fixed pales in comparison to what can happen if you don’t.”

While every state has a significant number of unfixed recalled cars, CaliforniaTexasFloridaNew York and Pennsylvania top the list.

However, the risk is greatest in West VirginiaMichigan,MississippiWyoming and New Jersey, which have the highest ratios of unfixed recalled cars in the nation.

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“Carfax and the auto manufacturers are working hard to help eliminate this problem,” continued Gamache. “Car owners and buyers can easily find out about open recalls through the myCarfax app for free and on Carfax Vehicle History Reports.”

Open recalls can impact a vehicle’s safety, performance and resale value. To help find open recalls, Carfax monitors your car for open recalls using only the license plate with the free myCarfax app.