Diesel Fuel Cleaner Booster Stabilizer

Diesel Extreme Diesel Additive

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme


Hot Shot’s Diesel Extreme is a concentrated detergent, cetane improver, rust and corrosion inhibitor, moisture dispersant and fuel stabilizer from Ohio-based Lubrication Specialties, Inc that is much stronger than retail-type products.

Diesel Extreme is a concentrated cetane improver which also contains a highly effective fuel stability package.  It will tremendously upgrade power and performance in all diesel equipment, increase mileage and provide maintenance economy.

Storage stability of fuels will be greatly increased and diesel engines will be kept in a much cleaner and maintenance-free condition.

In addition, Diesel Extreme has a stabilizing system to improve storage stability that will prevent polymerization and breakdown of hydrocarbons which results in gum and sludge formation.

The dispersant contained prevents insoluble residues from forming, which are sometimes produced when mixing fuels from different sources.

Corrosion is prevented by an inhibitor which produces a protective non-deposit-forming film on metal surfaces in the fuel system and a neutralizer, which neutralizes corrosive acids that are formed during combustion.

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