Check Engine Light

8/9/2013 Surveyor 1 night pic

ODO: 004985

Another “Check Engine Light.”

It’s the 4th time in less than 5,000 miles. Each time the check-engine codes were thrown right after a “regen” cycle to clean the DPF.

The new codes: P2509 (ECM/PCM) and P2459 (DPF Regen).

Lakeshore Chrysler Ram in Tuscaloosa checked it out and are now waiting for Cummins to send them some needed ECM software updates related to the regen/DPF system.

A few weeks ago Lakeshore Dodge in Slidell, LA, flashed the truck’s ECM with Rapid Response recall 13-024 related to a similar DPF issue.

My concern is if the truck’s cleaning the DPF too frequently, then how does that affect the 15,000-mile oil change intervals Ram brags about?

Maybe it’s time we start doing oil analysis.

Stay tuned for more updates….Bruce Smith / Editor