Delivery worker crushed by his own truck

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A worker was crushed to death by his own truck this week in New York while making a routine delivery of milk to those in need during COVID-19.

Morales Cruseno Florentino, 49, had been standing behind a rental truck early Monday morning at a school in Queens when he motioned the truck’s driver, a co-worker, to back the vehicle up to the rear of another truck where they could more easily transfer the load. It was a routine they had been performing at least twice a week for the past two months during the pandemic.

A witness said the truck’s back-up alarm was sounding off as it moved in reverse around 5 a.m. while Florentino guided the driver. Moments later Florentino was crushed between the trucks.

“Maybe he thought the driver wasn’t going to back all the way up. I don’t know,” a witness told the New York Daily News. “It’s the craziest thing to me.”

Florentino died later at a nearby hospital. The New York Police Department reported that the incident remains under investigation.