ICON pays tribute to 1970 Ford Ranger


ICON 4×4 has added to its fleet of re-imagined vehicles with their latest custom truck debut as part of their popular Reformer series.

The newest ICON Reformer presents a completely reimagined 1970 Ford Ranger that is specially made to celebrate the classic styling of an iconic truck alongside a complete vehicle reengineering.

One key premise behind each ICON Reformer concept is reimagining classic designs for use in the modern world.

Icon 1970 Ford Tall Format Engine Bay 0 D0 A3442 E1589399201843“At ICON 4×4, our Reformer series is a distinctly unique approach to classic restoration, and this new 1970 Ford Ranger is a perfect example of how we work with clients to completely reimagine trucks like these on every level,” said Jonathan Ward, Lead Designer and Founder of ICON 4×4. “What we’re doing is rewriting history to a certain extent by creating a bespoke truck that can serve as a daily driver with timeless style, modern engineering, and none of the sacrifices commonly associated with conventional restorations.”

The new ICON Reformer is powered by a 426-hp Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 engine paired to a Ford AOD automatic transmission. A twin-stick Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case sends power to the axles, while PSC power steering vastly improve the new truck’s handling and on-road capabilities. The new truck utilizes a four-link rear suspension system, while the front uses radius arms. Eibach coil springs combine with Fox shocks to improve drive handling and comfort. To optimize drivability, ICON integrated Dynatrac ProRock axles. The front of the Reformer features a fortified Dana 44 with hardened shafts, while the rear includes an even stouter Dana 60 design.

ICON 4×4 engineered a Hydroboosted Sport Brake system with Brembo for the bespoke build, which includes large rotors and calipers for enhanced stopping power while wearing BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. The new Reformer also features custom designed special 18-inch forged aluminum wheels that were inspired by the original factory steel rims, complete with vintage hubcaps.

Icon Ford 70 Reformer Dash Switches Dtl Img 9945Extensive interior upgrades include a brand-new Vintage Air Gen IV HVAC system and bespoke chrome aluminum knobs and bezels that were designed by ICON 4×4. Dakota digital gauges add another civilized touch to further modernize the vehicle’s upgraded interior. The 1970 Ford Ranger Reformer is also outfitted with unique and subtle ICON badging throughout. Fittingly, despite numerous modern upgrades discreetly installed throughout the custom build, the client requested no power windows were installed to keep the truck in vintage theme.

The new ICON 4×4 Reformer features Maharam textiles and specially-made leather from Relicate to perfectly match the original truck’s factory vinyl. All interior appointments are hand-stitched in house by ICON 4×4. To further protect the exterior body, ICON 4×4 coated the Ranger’s floorboards with a polyurea floor surface coating, and every body panel was powder coated prior to paint for enhanced corrosion protection.

For more information on ICON, please visit www.icon4x4.com or call (818) 280-3333.

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