AWT Alpha camper: an ‘affordable’ go-anywhere conversion

Updated Dec 11, 2014

The staff at Fun Trucks Friday is breaking out the hunter orange … On a Monday, no less! The deer woods here open for blackpowder season this weekend, and you know what that means: the annual rite of one-upsmanship over guns, gear, hunting camps, cooking and eventually, game.

We admit to fueling the fire when it comes to promoting some seriously radical, even ridiculous, all-terrain recreational vehicles.

On the off chance you need proof of how over-the-top the market has become, this week FTF introduces a conversion aimed at those of us who aren’t oil royalty, Silicon Valley kid billionaires or Russian oligarchs: The All Terrain Warrior Alpha camper.

And with a base MSRP of around $245,000, who can say no?

ATW boasts 25 years of experience in building 2×4 and 4×4 van conversions, camper vans, expedition vehicles and other specialty off road rigs, and the Alpha, based on a Mitsubishi Fuso platform, is designed to sleep six people comfortably and has amenities including, sink, shower, marine toilet and refrigerator.

The fiberglass camper box features a powered pop-top that, when raised, affords occupants almost seven feet of headroom. And the camper is accessible from the truck cab. It features queen-size rear bed with storage space below, and the four-person dinette converts to a double bed

The Fuso’s standard dual rear wheels have been replaced with wide singles for improved off-road performance, and there’s also a 15,000-lb winch just in case.

And you don’t get the ATW Alpha stuck somewhere, you just aren’t trying. You’ll be more comfrotable back at the club “cabin” with the big screen tv and hot tub, waiting for someone else to bring home the venison.