Amsoil Oil Analyzer Kit

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Oil Analyzers Inc. Introduces New Value-Driven Oil Analysis KitAmsoil oil analyzer kit

Oil Analyzers has expanded its oil analysis kit offerings by adding a new Value Kit as low-cost option when a full fluid analysis is not required.

Oil analysis is a beneficial tool that allows consumers to gauge the current condition of the oil and whether it’s suitable for continued use.

The new Value Kit focuses on four key areas of testing: oil thickness, corrosion potential, wear metals and beneficial oil additives.

Limiting the testing to those four areas allows Oil Analyzers to charge less for the Value Kit and answer the main question consumers have when using oil analysis: Is it time to change my oil or not?

The new Value Kit is recommended for vehicles with an existing oil analysis history and those with established oil change intervals.

Full-service oil analysis is still an important piece of preventive maintenance that can provide the following benefits:

● Extended oil drain intervals
● Extended equipment life
● Identifying some minor problems before they become major failures
● Maximize asset reliability
● Increased resale value by providing valuable sampling history documentation

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