Tow truck owner says he shot & killed man suspected of stealing his truck

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Updated Jan 5, 2019

A tow truck owner in Indianapolis who tracked down his stolen truck told police that he and shot and killed the man suspected of taking his vehicle.

Steven Roe, 32, told police that he and a friend were out driving on New Year’s Eve looking for his tow truck which he said had been stolen days earlier.

After spotting the Ford flatbed near the intersection of Miller and Hiatt streets, police report that witnesses saw Roe get out of a vehicle that he had been riding in and yell at the man in his truck who then raised his hands at some point before being shot. It’s unclear if the man in Roe’s truck was armed.

Roe, who has a gun permit, remained at the scene until police arrived and told officers that he had shot the man suspected of taking his truck. Roe was arrested but still has not been charged with any crime, according to