April 18 draws near: Tax truck boosts business for accounting firm

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Mention income taxes and you may get something akin to a Pavlovian response: cringing, sighing, coughing, head shaking and maybe an expletive or two.

To help take the edge off tax season (this year’s filing deadline is April 18), an accounting firm in New York has created a mobile tax office that’s catching on fast.

Trucks deliver just about everything else, so why not free tax advice and music while learning about that possible tax credit or–gulp–liability?

Rock & Hammer, a New York accounting firm, has gone from getting two clients a week, to three or four clients a day thanks to their tax truck.

Rock & Hammer co-founder Henry Obadiah got the idea while driving through the city.

“Henry had the idea to start a tax truck as we went through the Midtown Tunnel,” co-founder Roger Gillman told cnbc.com. “He saw a hot dog truck and said, ‘That’s what we need!'”

The two college friends bought an old FedEx delivery truck, gutted it and had a nice vinyl wrap job done to show off the company’s name and services. Playing music helps melt the ice and attract those to the truck with tax concerns who may otherwise continue procrastinating or even avoiding important tax issues all-together.

The company now has three tax trucks which are open even in winter. Parking can be tough, but Rock & Hammer sticks it out and keeps showing up and passing along free advice and referrals to their offices nearby.

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