BrandFX introduces insert for Chevy Colorado

Updated Mar 22, 2016

Colorado-WORKPoD-Side-ViewBrandFX Body Company recently introduced a versatile, composite truck insert designed for the Chevrolet Colorado, model year 2015 to 2016.

The Colorado Workpod features plenty of storage options and accessories.

Adjustable shelves, a 750-pound capacity Sliding Roll Deck, storage for long tools and a stepladder, and brackets for backpack and handheld sprayers provide plenty of organized space.

“The BrandFX Colorado Workpod is versatile and can be used for pest control or lawn care,” says a BrandFX representative.  “Dedicated to efficiency and organization, the Workpod is made of non-corrosive, lightweight fiberglass composite.

“Impervious to water, our fiberglass constructed bodies do not rot, rust, or decay. With a better seal against the elements, the Colorado Workpod will stand tough for over twenty years.”

The 30-gallon fiberglass tank has graduated sight gauges for accurate mixes and a high performance 12-volt pump with 300 feet of ultralight spray hose.

BrandFX reports that the Colorado Workpod’s composite construction is half the weight of steel. The shelving, roll deck, and structural components of the sprayer system are all constructed of aluminum. The weight savings lightens the load on the chassis and provides more payload options along with increased fuel economy and decreased carbon emissions.

The Flexural Strength Body moves with the chassis and returns to its original shape without separations or distortions in the laminate. BrandFX reports that the standard white gelcoat does not fade and works well with vehicle wraps and advertising.

According to BrandFX the Colorado Workpod can be remounted up to four times.