Heatshield Sound Deadening Material

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Heatshield dbArmor

Lightweight db Armor 3X Better Sound Deadening Material

Heatshield Products says db Armor is a superior sound deadener that raises the bar in the industry. It’s thinner and lighter than comparative products and delivers triple the sound deadening performance!

Heatshield’s db Armor is 20 percent lighter than comparable sound deadening products while delivering three times the sound deadening performance of similar products.

At only .051-inch (6 mil) thickness, db Armor can be applied in even the tightest spaces, and it can be adhered to steel, aluminum, finished fiberglass, and plastic.

Applying db Armor to any steel, aluminum, plastic or finished fiberglass surface will decrease structural resonance, producing a tighter, quieter, and more comfortable ride. In addition, its adhesive backing provides solid and worry free attachment.

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