Combo Re-fuel Tank Install

Updated Feb 24, 2015


TF Combo tool fuel BWS_7366

Transfer Flow combo fuel/storage tank makes life easier in the field for work truck owners

by Bruce W. Smith

Having extra fuel within easy reach comes in handy sometimes. It’s even nicer when the fuel isn’t in jerry cans and can be easily pumped from one tank to another while being both safe and secure during transport.

That’s why refueling tanks are almost as common on working pickups as tool boxes.

There are a lot of refueling tanks on the market. But not all are a safe, secure means of carrying spare fuel in your pickup – or provide the added bonus of doubling as a cross-bed toolbox.

However, we have found one toolbox/refueling tank combo that works particularly well doing such double duty: The one offered by Transfer Flow.

This diamond-plated combo holds 30 gallons of fuel in a DOT-certified tank built in below a toolbox with 4.5 cubic feet of storage space. A 12-volt transfer pump connected to an 8-foot hose with fuel trigger nozzle makes fuel transfer effortless and clean. (Fuel tank certified to handle either both gas or diesel.)

We installed Transfer Flow’s refueling/toolbox combo (#080-01-12975; $1,632) in our 2010 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4×4’s 6.5-foot bed so we’d always be ready should a fuel shortage problem arise on the road or on a job site.

This upgrade is easy, as you can see from the photos. More importantly, it’s a great way to carry extra fuel in a safe, convenient manner while meeting state and federal requirements in all 50 states related to the transport of flammable materials. Contact:; 800-442-0056).

1. The Transfer Flow toolbox/refueling tank comes partially assembled, requiring only the filler nozzle holder to be mounted on the driver’s side of the box.

2. Mounting requires centering the tank in the bed, marking and drilling four 1/2-inch holes through the bed floor (don’t drill through hoses or wires!) and placing supplied shims to support the four mounting tabs where they sit above the bed rib depressions. Place the supplied 7/16-inch lag bolts through the mounting tabs. Place spacer plate on bolt from underneath the bed and tighten while a helper holds the bolt from above.

3. A full wiring harness, with switch, is supplied with the tank. Install switch in cab or wherever works best for your application. Switch is three positon: Maintained On; Off; Momentary Reverse (to purge fuel from hose).

4. Remove the transfer pump’s wiring cover and connect the wiring harness ground/power leads per the instruction manual. Replace the pump cover.

5. Bundle excess wiring harness,use zip ties to secure, and place the provided cover over the wiring.

6. The last step is to run the wiring harness to the battery in the engine compartment, hook up the power and ground leads, and install the 25-amp mini fuse. Check to make sure pump works. Installation takes about an hour.


Transfer Flow’s 30-gallon refueling/toolbox combo is a nice addition to any heavy-duty pickup.