Volvo truck video goes viral thanks to 4-year-old who can’t drive

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With the help of a four-year-old girl, a Volvo Trucks’ crash test video has gone viral.

Internet news headlines like “4-year-old drives, crashes Volvo truck via remote control” ( have attracted nearly 4 million viewers on Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel as of Monday afternoon.

Volvo’s FMX dump truck appears to be controlled remotely by young Sophie Brown as it rides over a concrete road barrier, plows through water, rolls down an embankment, crashes through a brick building and does some celebratory doughnuts in the parking lot.

Sophie is shown next to a stoic Volvo crew as she appears to be making some serious driving errors with the remote, sending the truck off-course through a series of challenges that aren’t exactly the average proving grounds demo—but of course, that’s the point.

A disclaimer at the end of the 2-minute, 23-second video reads, “The test was carried off by professionals in a closed-off area. Sophie and crew were kept at a safe distance. All buildings were empty, locked and sealed.”

That’s a good thing, because there wasn’t much left of the building after Volvo’s truck turned it into a drive-thru. Hmmm…how will the next OEM top this video?

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