GM Offers CNG In All 2015 2500/3500HDs

Updated Feb 6, 2014

13523724109732015 Silverado HDs Offer CNG/Bi-fuel On All Gas Models

Business owners ready to jump into a new heavy-duty GM pickup will now have the option of choosing a bi-fuel model across the single-rear-wheel models according to Chevrolet’s announcement today.

Chevy’s expanded availability of bi-fuel versions of the 6.0L (LC8) 2015 Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD trucks gives customers and fleet managers more choices for cleaner-burning compressed natural gas-powered models – and savings at the pump that GM says can be more than $2,000 annually.

According to GM, with CNG currently priced about 62 percent less per gallon than gasoline, a work truck that driven 26,000 miles a year can save  more than $2,000 annually based on 75-percent CNG usage and comparable efficiency to gasoline.

“For companies and municipalities that maintain multiple trucks in their fleet, the fuel cost savings of CNG can really add up in a year,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, General Motors Fleet and Commercial.

With the additional driving range enabled by a separate CNG tank, Silverado HD bi-fuel models have a total range of up to 650 miles.

A separate CNG fuel tank enables the driver to switch between fuels at the flip of a switch. When the CNG tank is depleted, the system automatically switches to gasoline. (GM’s tier-one supplier installs the CNG fuel tank and complementing fuel system upgrades at a secondary location.)

The 2500HD double cab and crew cab models are on sale now, with 2500HD regular cab and all 3500HD models going on sale in July.