WORK TRUCK WHOOPS: Shocking set of circumstances

It’s pretty much ingrained in you as a child to look both ways before crossing the street.

If you’re a dump truck driver, you should probably know to look both ways, and then up before tilting the load and driving away.

And I don’t care what the guy behind the camera says, there’s absolutely no way the driver of the dump truck was still in there. 

We’re supposed to believe this guy got out to use four fire extinguishers and then GOT BACK IN AN ELECTRIFIED TRUCK ENGULFED IN FLAMES?

No. Friggin’. Way. The fact the fire department seems to be in no hurry to look in the cab further leads me to believe they knew no one was inside. 

[youtube 9HuoB6uBvEo nolink]

There’s some PG-13 language, so watch your speaker volume. 

While we’re on the subject, here’s a bonus video.

Watch this nimrod rip the lines right off the building.

[youtube ZaXixGECp5E nolink]