American Van’s latest catalog features new aluminum shelving

Updated Oct 14, 2016
American Van’s Slide Out Drawer Unit features a 58-inch drawer that extend up to 50 inches and can support up to 200 pounds.American Van’s Slide Out Drawer Unit features a 58-inch drawer that extend up to 50 inches and can support up to 200 pounds.

In part three of our three-part series on van storage solutions, Hard Working Trucks hears from American Van Equipment and learns about their new fall catalog which features their newest line of aluminum shelving.

The new shelving is being offered for late model medium and higher roof vans, like the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ram ProMaster. It comes in heights of 54 inches (medium roof) and 65 inches (high roof).

Shelving units for ProMaster vans include four 16-inch deep shelves, according to American Van’s catalog, while Transit and Sprinter units include two 13.5-inch and two 16-inch deep shelves. Each shelf comes with a liner.

“This new lighter shelving is engineered to be as strong as its steel counterparts, which if you prefer we also carry,” said Richard Gibbia, co-owner of American Van. “This new aluminum shelving is available in three widths, 39″, 48″ and 60″ with open backs, closed backs and closed backs with locking doors.”

Gibbia said other new items that are popular right now are the SAS-3 Heavy Duty Steel Slide Out Drawer Storage Unit featured on page 37 of the catalog and the new Prime Design Van Ladders sold on page 9. Both of those items and others are also available on American Van’s website.

“The Slide Out Drawer Unit features 58-inch drawers that have a ‘sag free’ 50-inch drawer extension while holding up to 200 pounds each!” Gibbia said. “These units mount at the doors of the van allowing you access to the drawer contents without entering the vehicle.

“The new Prime Design Aluminum Van Ladders provide access to your ladders or other cargo on the new higher roof vans.  These ladders set the industry standard with their design, construction and no drill ease of installation.”

When it comes to selecting storage solutions for your van, American Van offers a versatile line-up in its Modular Storage System.

The aluminum CD1-4854A shelf unit comes assembled like other American Van shelving units.The aluminum CD1-4854A shelf unit comes assembled like other American Van shelving units.

“In this system the base shelving can be accessorized with interchangeable modular drawer unit and cabinets to fill your needs,” Gibbia explained.  “All the components are interchangeable and can be switched out if your needs change down the road.”

To learn more about American Van’s Modular Storage System, refer to pages 16 to 21 in the catalog or visit their website and look for the ‘Shelving and Bin System’ tab.

American Van is unique from other van equipment companies in that their shelving units ship completely assembled and ready for installation.

“This option, only available at American Van, will save the installer 30 minutes per shelving unit,” Gibbia said. “An average install of three shelving units and a base ladder rack takes about three hours for someone mechanical, doing it for the first time.  For one of our experienced installers it would be much quicker.”

Fear not on your warranty. Regardless of who installs American Van products, the warranty remains intact.

“We do a lot of small and large fleet Installations but also ship van equipment all across America which our customers install with provided instructions and all the necessary installation hardware they need,” Gibbia said.

American Van’s catalog and website offer plenty of product descriptions, including information on configuration, dimensions and material type.  Storage solutions are also offered based on items requiring storage.

“If you’re upfitting an entire interior you will find pre-configured interior layouts on the website that will suggest interiors by industry and by vehicle that offer a package discount when complete interiors are purchased,” Gibbia explained.

American Van’s website is easy to use. Across the top of the site, you can shop by several product categories, including ladder racks, shelf and bin systems, window screens and bulkhead partitions.

Below that, eye-catching product pictures flash across the screen offering up information for each solution.

American Van’s website and catalog offer suggestions on storing various items.American Van’s website and catalog offer suggestions on storing various items.

Below that you can shop by vehicle. I chose Ram ProMaster. From there I was taken to a page where I could browse through 11 categories, like ladder racks, bin storage and drawer storage.

After choosing ladder racks, I was directed to a page that offered seven ladder racks to choose from. Each ladder was shown mounted to a van and featured a brief description and price. Some ladder racks were rated on a five-star scale and had reviews at the ready.

After selecting the Jet Rack Step Ladder Storage System, I was taken to another page that offered more product description along with detailed instructions and pictures to show how the ladder rack works. By scrolling down I was able to quickly access all nine reviews and ratings. The Jet Rack has pleased plenty of customers and earned a five-star rating in the process.

American Van has been in business for over 35 years and has served over 650,000 service contractors across the U.S. American Van is in a unique position in that they manufacturer most of what they sell.

“We manufacture 80 percent of the items we sell,” Gibbia said. “We have eliminated the middleman and his profit from the equation allowing us to offer the largest selection and highest quality equipment you’ll find at the best prices you’ll find anywhere.

“No one else in the truck storage equipment market can say that.  They all sell through distributors or re-sellers. Combine this with excellent service before and after the sale and there just isn’t any reason to buy anywhere else.”

American Van has stores in South Hackensack and Lakewood, N.J. and will be opening another location soon in Farmingdale, N.Y. in December. Experienced customer service representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday at 1-800-526-4743.

Editor’s note: In an earlier version of the story, American Van Marketing Coordinator Mike McTamney was incorrectly given attribution. We regret the error.