Adrian Steel offers up van shelving and storage solutions, part 2

Updated Oct 11, 2016
Adrian Steel’s composite partition can be ordered with an anti-glare window.Adrian Steel’s composite partition can be ordered with an anti-glare window.

In part two of this three-part series, Hard Working Trucks checks in with Adrian Steel and goes to work learning more about their composite partition and ladder rack.

Rattling tools and parts inside a van’s cargo area are not only annoying, they can also lead to driver distractions. To help provide for a more quiet and comfortable ride, Adrian Steel has developed a line of composite partitions.

“This new partition greatly reduces cargo noise from entering the cab area and reduces driver distractions,” Adrian Steel Marketing Manager Todd Goldmeyer said. “This quiet cab also allows for better communication when the drivers need to use their hand free devices to speak with clients or their organization.”

The partition also provides the added benefit of easier climate control in the cab.

“Drivers don’t need to waist minutes and fuel getting the cab up to the perfect temperature on really hot or cold days,” said Goldmeyer. “Drivers can hit the road faster and enjoy the benefits of increased climate control like using less fuel and not having to run the air conditioner at full blast all the time.

“Another driver benefit of the Adrian Steel composite partition is the maximum leg room and a very comfortable recline angle,” Goldmeyer added.

An optional, anti-glare window for the partition keeps oncoming headlights from bothering the driver. Hooks can be added to the partition along with built-in storage areas for safety items like fire extinguishers. An integrated steel frame adds to the partition’s durability and keeps it firmly in place.

Next up is Adrian Steel’s new ladder rack family. Goldmeyer told Hard Working Trucks more about these racks that keep safety and convenience in mind.

Adrian Steel’s Drop-Down Ladder Rack is designed with safety and convenience in mind.Adrian Steel’s Drop-Down Ladder Rack is designed with safety and convenience in mind.

“Adrian Steel’s new ladder rack family caters to individual technicians needs. The new ladder rack family consists of the Drop-Down Ladder Rack and the Grip Lock Ladder Rack,” Goldmeyer explained.  “The Drop-Down Ladder Rack includes exclusive “Twist to Adjust” patent-pending adjustment knobs that allow the user to set up the ladder rack to their ladder in just seconds versus 30-45 minutes of traditional drop-down racks.

“The new, low profile outboard design lowers the handle down for simplified operation. The easy-to-reach rotational handle and two-stage drop provides an ergonomic load and unload height, with technicians 5-foot 4-inches and taller safely and easily able operate the drop-down ladder rack.

“The Grip Lock Ladder Rack includes a new tilt angle design, which enhances ease of operation. Simplified loading and unloading make it easier than ever for users 5-foot 7-inches and taller to operate. Clamps secure the ladder during transportation, eliminating the need for straps or bungee cords to keep a ladder in place.”

All ladder racks are protected from the elements and are corrosion resistant. The natural aluminum finish reduces corrosion and is 15-percent lighter than traditional steel racks.

When it comes to shelf selection, Adrian Steel’s most popular option is their AD Series.

“The AD Series is truly adjustable shelving that is very modular and can be easily arranged based on the customer’s vocation,” Goldmeyer explained. “This durable shelving system is easily adjustable with the use of only a screwdriver.”

Of course, vehicle weight reduction is an ongoing theme for most van users. Adrian Steel has an answer for that too: don’t overload your vehicle. No matter what you keep telling yourself, there are some things you just don’t have to have in your van all the time.

“If you’re interested in reducing weight in your vehicle, Adrian Steel recommends taking a closer look at inventory,” Goldmeyer said. “The best way to reduce weight is by taking a look at what inventory is really needed in the van.

Adrian Steel’s AD series shelves remain its most popular.Adrian Steel’s AD series shelves remain its most popular.

“Clients that take this approach find they will save more in weight and at the same time become more efficient because you are only carrying what they need.  This also allows us to spec the right product for the customer’s application.”

Adrian Steel’s website provides plenty of information, including videos, on storage solutions for a variety of applications.

Right across the top of the website, users can select products by vans, trucks, cargo trailers, walk-in vans and vocational upfits.

When I clicked on ‘Cargo Vans,’ a drop down list of popular vans appeared. After hoovering my mouse arrow over Ford Transit, a list of option appears: Interior Packages, Shelving, Partitions, Modules, File Storage, Floor Drawers, Accessories and Ladder Racks.

Three options come up under ‘Interior Packages’ for the Ford Transit: Low Roof, Medium Roof and High Roof packages. I chose low roof.

From there, nine package options with photos popped up on the next screen, including electrical contractor, general service, PHVAC and locksmith.

After clicking on the electrical contractor package for a low-roof Ford Transit with a 130-inch wheelbase, I was impressed to see a detailed photo of the package installed in a van with numbers identifying every drawer, door, cabinet, shelf and hook. No doubt, Adrian Steel’s website is user friendly and will make shopping convenient.

Products from Adrian Steel can be found through a network of dealers located throughout the U.S.

“This allows for the customer to get their vehicle upfitted quickly,” Goldmeyer said. “In most cases, distributors can get the vehicle scheduled within a week and depending on the upfit, in just a couple of hours for the actual installation.

“Customers that utilize our ship thru services, we work with the client to understand when their vehicles need to hit the road and create a plan to have them at that time.  We feel we are the best in the industry at turning vehicles.”

Adrian Steel offers a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on its products when installed by an authorized distributor.