Natural gas on the move in Texas

Millions of dollars in grants for fleets coupled with a surge in fuel stations may help the natural gas industry really take off in Texas.

This year, the Lone Star State is offering $38 million in grants to qualifying fleets that are willing to convert or purchase a natural gas vehicle.

The number of natural gas stations in the state has increased 44 percent since August 2014, and 41 more stations are scheduled to open this year, according to

That news comes following a map released by the Texas Natural Gas Foundation which reveals that drivers in the Lone Star State now have 150 CNG stations to choose from, which is 46 more stations than they had in August 2014. The state currently has 86 private natural gas stations and 64 public ones.

“Texas fleet managers continue to recognize the importance of diversifying their fuel sources to cut costs,” says TXNG President Jason Isaac. “We should encourage the use of Texas fuels, like natural gas, that help build our state’s roads and support our public education, while growing our economy, especially when some petroleum-based fuels are coming from countries that aren’t our allies.”

A TXNG fleet survey reveals that since 2014 the number of natural gas vehicles in Texas has grown about 25 percent. In 2014, the state had about 7,100 natural gas vehicles. That number has now grown to around 9,000.

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