SuperSprings adds support for new Ford Transit

Updated Dec 11, 2014

SuperSprings International has added a new rear suspension support for the 2014 Ford Transit Connect’s redesigned rear coil spring suspension. A new Coil SumoSprings application provides a level ride for drivers who love the van’s capabilities and versatility, but need extra suspension support when the rear cargo area is loaded.

Coil SumoSprings slide between the turns of coil springs. Since their proprietary microcellular urethane material offers a progressive spring rate, they provide extra support for the suspension only when needed. A vehicle equipped with Coil SumoSprings will experience less side-to-side body roll, front-end dip and sagging without a compromised ride, the company says. 

Coil SumoSprings are made from the same material as the company’s SumoSprings ‘airless airbags’ and are designed to keep loaded vehicles level, Gerry Lamberti, SuperSprings International CEO, says.

“The cylindrical Coil SumoSprings feature an ‘H’-shaped cross-section that secures them in place,” he says. “The trapped air within the closed cells of the urethane provides up to 600 lbs. of support. The material is able to combine that support with a smooth engagement for maximum driver comfort.”

Coil SumoSprings simply slide into place and can be installed in less than one hour, according to the company.

“They are a fit-it-and-forget-it solution that can be left untouched for the life of the vehicle,” says Lamberti. “They will never sag due to a leak, further lowering overall total cost of ownership.”