GALLERY: Full size Ford Transit Connect Hot Wheel

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Updated Mar 19, 2015

What red-blooded American boy didn’t grow up with a shoe box full of Hot Wheels? Were they awesome or what?

Whether you races them around a plastic track or jumped over your little sister’s doll house in imaginary death-defying feats, Hot Wheels were an over-active imagination’s best friend.

The “real-world” and grown up responsibilities have seriously cut into our Hot Wheels time (at least it has mine), but a new concept from Ford could reignite the imaginations of old-and-not-fun-anymore Generation X’ers like myself.

Designers from Ford, Hot Wheels and Ice Nine Group to converted a Ford Transit Connect into a life-size Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels Transit Connect is about four inches wider and slightly lower than a production Transit Connect, and every body panel was cut, stretched, remade or in some way massaged to create the vehicle you see here.

The interior also got a design makeover. Ford Focus ST seats were stitched with materials to compliment the exterior paint design and the rear section of the Transit Connect was remade to house toolboxes under a false floor (and a 55-inch TV screen). Two 18-inch tablets are mounted to the inside of the rear doors, and the side doors were converted to custom gullwing doors.

The adult-size Hot Wheels Transit Connect isn’t for sale, but you can buy a 1:64 die-cast model. That’s the next best thing, right?