Stellar announces lighter, redesigned Hooklift line

Stellar’s redesigned 20,000-pound capacity Hooklift line debuted today at WasteExpo in Las Vegas.Stellar’s redesigned 20,000-pound capacity Hooklift line debuted today at WasteExpo in Las Vegas.

Stellar Industries announced the release of its lighter, redesigned 20,000-pound capacity Hooklift line today at WasteExpo in Las Vegas.

Stellar’s 20,000-pound capacity Hooklift is a truck-mounted hydraulic system that is capable of interchanging various bodies.

One feature that has been incorporated into the redesign of the 20,000-pound Hooklifts is the use of a plunger valve. This device stops jib movement when the Hooklift is in dump mode. The plunger valve replaces the original rotary valve, which required maintenance.  Without the need to monitor and adjust a rotary valve, there is less maintenance required over the life of the Hooklift.

The Hooklift line was engineered using the latest design tools, including finite element analysis and strain gauge validation testing. Through its design and manufacturing processes, Stellar streamlined the design of the line, which reduced the weight of the Hooklift up to 100 pounds.

While all six models in the 20,000-pound Hooklift line were redesigned, all of the cylinders have remained the same, model to model. Stellar states that will prove convenient for distributors that stock cylinder seal kits.

“At Stellar we are committed to continuous product improvement in order to provide our customers with the most efficient and hardest working equipment on the market today,” says Al Kuhlman, assistant product manager for Stellar Industries.

“Our engineering staff used the latest design technology available to them to redesign a faster, lighter and extremely durable unit while making it price competitive. We’re excited for the marketplace to see it in action.”

Stellar is located at booth 1761 at WasteExpo, which is being held today through Thursday, June 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.