Bendix introduces premium, copper-free brake components

Bendix launched a line of premium, copper-free brake components.Bendix launched a line of premium, copper-free brake components.

MAT Holdings, Inc. announced the launch of the Bendix Brakes brand Premium product line, which offers copper-free brake products for late model vehicles.

The Bendix Premium line includes brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake shoe kits that feature copper-free formulations.

By 2025, all brake components sold in the U.S. must be copper-free in order to meet regulations in California and Washington, which were enacted due to concerns over the effect of copper from brake friction materials on the environment.

Bendix Premium brake pads feature four-layer noise eliminating shims. They are available in ceramic and semi-metallic formulations, and include hardware when applicable.

Bendix Premium rotors are vehicle-specific and feature a corrosion-resistant coating. Additionally, the rotors are sold in pairs within responsible weight limits which helps in installation.

Bendix Premium complete brake shoe kits feature preassembled sets of brake shoes with all hardware included. The brake shoes are constructed with OE Grade steel.