High-Performance Silicone Wipers

Updated Dec 11, 2014


PIAA Aero Vogue Silicone Wipers Steps Up The Performance Level

Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper Blades, with their innovative â€śpass through” technology and patented silicone composition, are said to deliver streak-free performance with reduced blade chatter and less wind lift at higher speeds according to PIAA-USA Corporation

The new Aero Vogues feature PIAA’s patented silicone technology, which reduces surface tension, causing water to repel from the windshield for maximum wiping capability and streak free operation.

The silicone infused blade continually reapplies an active silicone coating on the windshield to ensure smooth and quiet operation. This silicone protection also causes rain to bead, allowing greater windshield visibility even when the wipers are off.

Blade formulation is heat and ozone resistant, which helps extend blade life and maintain performance.

PIAA’s pass-through and frameless, low profile, aerodynamic design of the Aero Vogue helps to deliver streak-free performance by creating more pressure points across the entire length of the blade, and helps to eliminate snow and ice build-up.

The series is offered in a variety of sizes with coverage for well over 98% of all registered vehicles on the road today. 

CONTACT: PIAA-USA; 800-525-7422