Telogis Navigation optimized for Apple devices

Updated Mar 11, 2016
Telogis Navigation has been optimized for Apple devices.Telogis Navigation has been optimized for Apple devices.

No one wants to end up in the news for traveling a route that was never intended for a large truck.

The web is full of videos and pictures of trucks that attempted to travel under or over bridges that are less-than-truck friendly. Ordinary GPS devices don’t help much. They won’t warn of narrow streets and roads with a high apex (San Francisco ring a bell?) that will bring a truck to a grinding—ouch—halt.

Navigational products, offered by companies like Telogis Navigation, are designed for truck drivers who need to know about road conditions that can effect their bottom line.

Telogis Navigation announced recently that its popular navigation system has been optimized for iOS on iPhone and iPad and is now available in the App Store.

Designed with the needs of commercial drivers in mind, Telogis Navigation Global Edition (GE) provides the necessary directions and information to make more informed, safe and efficient decisions behind the wheel.

Current users of Telogis Navigation make up a network of nearly 150,000 professional commercial drivers who use the feedback function within the application to update information on road conditions, tips and exceptions.

Feedback from the network is processed in real time to provide the most current and accurate truck-specific navigation with the goal of keeping drivers safer and more well-informed.

Telogis Navigation is tightly integrated with Telogis’ mobile enterprise management (MEM) platform that includes Telogis WorkPlan for Hours of Service (HOS)/compliance and Telogis Sites, giving drivers a 360-degree suite of applications for customizable navigation and critical last-mile instructions.

Companies can easily control company-wide navigation settings from within the Telogis Fleet telematics application such as toll road preference, U-turn avoidance, alerting and more.

Drivers and back-office teams are also able to add road edits and detours to Telogis Navigation based on company preferences and driver feedback, making for a completely configurable experience that is aligned to company goals and guidelines.

Telogis Navigation is designed for a wide range of industries, from local service providers to enterprise over-the-road, Class 8 trucking companies, and also offers onboard map data to ensure seamless navigation even when a vehicle is out of cellular or satellite range.

“With Telogis Navigation, commercial drivers join a broader network of drivers from to get real-time, accurate and often mission-critical information about the routes they drive every day, whether they are piloting a service van or a Class 8, long-haul truck,” said Mark Fryer, vice-president, Telogis Navigation and Spatial Technology.

“Telogis Navigation is tightly integrated with the broad Telogis platform, giving individual drivers and companies everything they need to get where they’re going efficiently, safely and more productively.”

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