Truck Vault secures firearms and valuables

Updated Oct 11, 2016
The Seat Vault offers a safe and secure storage solution for firearms and valuables.The Seat Vault offers a safe and secure storage solution for firearms and valuables.

Truck Vault makes transporting firearms easier, safer and more organized.

Let’s start with Seat Vault. It’s great for keeping a few firearms and valuables locked up and out of view. The 55-inch long steel lock box fits under the rear seat of late-model Ford and Chevy trucks and comes in either a single or double top-door configuration.

The Seat Vault’s storage space is divided into two separate compartments with room for a rifle or two on one end (scope-equipped guns obviously take up more room), and two pistols on the other end. Depending on how you organize your Seat Vault, you could also pack ammo, extra magazines and valuables.

To help keep wandering eyes from sneaking a peak, the Seat Vault’s exterior is matched with your truck’s carpet color. Low profile silver T-handle locks stay out of the way. The back seat folds down on top of the Seat Vault so that you’ve got still got plenty of room for passengers.

If you’ve got more firearms to store, then take a look at one of Truck Vaults bed-mounted storage solutions. Storage options with these long pull-out drawers are just about endless thanks to the folks at Truck Vault who invite customers to pitch their ideas so that they can transport and protect their firearms and valuables the way they see fit.

Lock options include silver T-handle, black T-handle, folding T-handle, push-button combination with key override, slam latch and keyless entry.

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