Niyato tri-fuel kit for Ford trucks tested, closer to market launch

Updated Jul 6, 2016

Niyato truckNiyato Industries announced that its first tri-fuel system, built for a Ford F-350 4X4, is nearly ready for market following on-the-road testing which the company says has shown impressive fuel savings.

The conversion kit, which enables the truck to run on gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane (LPG), is designed to eliminate the need for up-charges or various individual kits and parts.

Earlier this month, a construction superintendent in North Carolina put Niyato’s F-350 to work and drove it for 300 miles around the Charlotte metro area.

The first leg of the trip entailed towing a 13,000-pound mini excavator on a 5,000-pound trailer. The bed was full of test tanks which added another 600 pounds.

After running the truck on gasoline and natural gas, the driver was asked how the Niyato Tri-fuel system performed.

“There was no difference between the operation on gasoline and then switching to natural gas. The truck performed flawlessly and the power curves were exactly the same while running natural gas,” said Josh Moore, general superintendent of Advance Development Concepts (ADC), a Charlotte general contracting firm.

“After running cost comparisons on a 36-gallon fill-up, the savings over diesel were $39.60 per fill-up and compared to gasoline it was $12.60 per tank, and I recommend that any fleet operator that wants to save money and lower its carbon footprint should contact Niyato Industries Inc to convert its fleet.”

Niyato’s F-350 will soon undergo final EPA and CARB certification. These certifications will cover all weight configurations for the 2012-2016 Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 6.2-liter and includes all Super Duty cab configurations (regular cab, short bed, extended cab, crew cab and long bed).

Niyato also made mention again of The Stencil Plan, named for Niyato CEO Leslie Stencil. The plan calls for consolidation of current up-fitters nationwide in the natural gas transportation market.

“When consolidated, these dealerships will offer a superior Niyato product to what is currently the status quo,” a Niyato spokesperson said. “Niyato will also put a stop to borrowing customers vehicles for months to do the certification work, and Niyato Industries is putting an end to false promises that the competitors make regarding dates that certification will be complete and when kits will be available to ship. Additionally, no more field re-flashing of the vehicle because the calibration wasn’t completed correctly the first time.”

Niyato is also taking orders for 2016 GM 2500 and 3500 6.0-liter pickups as well as the Ford 6.8-liter and cutaway platform in either dedicated or bi-fuel systems.