Highway Products’ Headache Rack Installation

Updated Dec 11, 2014

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Pickup Cab Protection At Its Best

Installing a Highway Product’s Silverback Cab Guard is a fast and easy mod that can save you and your cab a serious migraine 

By Larry Walton

You can tell by the inside of my pickup bed that it gets used. There are plenty of deep scratches and dings that tell the history of hauling tools, supplies, remodel tear-outs, brush, firewood and gravel. 

While I don’t try to protect the inside of the bed, I do want to protect the paint and glass on the back of the cab, especially from employees who are not always careful when loading stuff.

That’s why Highway Products’ new Silverback Cab Guard has found its way onto my Ford F-250.

Like most headache racks, the Silverback does double-duty as protection for the rear of the cab and support to keep long objects off of the roof.

It also adds some additional roll-over protection in the event of an accident. A unique wave pattern in the grill provides style, strength and sun protection.

Highway Products’ Silverback Cab Guard looks sharp and is built rock-solid.Highway Products’ Silverback Cab Guard looks sharp and is built rock-solid.

Highway Products builds this headache rack in components, which makes it readily shippable and gives the installer an opportunity to adjust it precisely to the pickup on which it is being installed. 

They also offer a number of options and accessoreies, so it can be configured to meet a variety of work truck needs.

It’s a quick, easy upgrade for any work truck, new or used.

Check out the gallery below to see the step-by-step installation.