How-To Install A GM 5.3L Throttle Body Spacer


Airaid Poweraid throttle-body spacer brings incremental gains in horsepower and fuel economy to GM 5.3Ls

Gearheads are always curious about new aftermarket upgrades and technology that improve horsepower and fuel economy.

So it’s no surprise I turned my attention to Airaid, a company that touts cold-air air intake systems and throttle-body spacers as keys to improving both horsepower and fuel economy, when I wanted more from my GMC Sierra’s 5.3L.

Airaid claims the design of the machined spacer, which uses a “helix-bore” to spin and maintain the velocity of the air/fuel mixture, helps provide better combustion.

Better combustion means a more efficient fuel burn.

Airaid’s Poweraid GM 5.3L TB spacer kitAiraid’s Poweraid GM 5.3L TB spacer kit

So I installed an Airaid Poweraid throttle-body spacer and high-flow Airaid lifetime air filter in place of the stock one.

Installation of the spacer is very simple, takes about 30 minutes, and requires nothing more than a screwdriver and 3/8-inch metric socket set.

I don’t have access to a dyno here at the magazine so I don’t have hp numbers before/after.

But I do keep an accurate mileage log and have a good feel for how my truck performs. I noticed about a 1mpg increase in highway mileage and a little stronger mid-range power. 

Should I not be happy with the results, Airaid has a Lifetime “No Hassle” Warranty that gives your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the results.