Pickup defies gravity with huge load

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Updated Jun 30, 2018

A pickup driver in Springfield, Mass. may very well hold the world’s record for the greatest amount of middle school class furniture stacked in the bed of a truck, but the gravity defying move cost him a ticket and plenty of jokes on social media.

State troopers couldn’t resist taking photos of the haphazard truck and posting it online to the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page where it’s gotten thousands of shares and plenty of comments.

“It looks like someone just robbed the basement of my old middle school,” writes one user.

“It’s just missing Granny Clampett sitting on top in her rocking chair, holding a shotgun,” writes another.

One user believes the load looks safe, save for jutting chair legs which he says makes it too wide. This guy must be with Guinness.

The driver was cited for an unsecured/uncovered load.