Diesel Brothers: River’s rising in Beaumont, Texas, communication spotty, more help needed

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Dave “Diesel Dave” Sparks of Diesel Brothers fame reported from Beaumont, Texas Thursday afternoon where the Neches River is still flooded and is expected to remain seven feet above its record flood level for the next several days.

Evacuations continue in the city, including at Baptist Hospital where an ongoing water shortage, owed to a water pump failure caused by the rising river, prompted administrators on Thursday to begin transferring patients to other hospitals, according to the Weather Channel. 

Stormwater from Hurricane Harvey, the largest rain event in U.S. history, continues to swell the Neches River.

“We’re in Beaumont, Texas and the river is rising rapidly,” Sparks said in a video posted on the Diesel Brothers Facebook Page. “Lots of people are still stuck and stranded. Communication is spotty at best. A lot of people are having a tough time getting through.

“If you or someone you know needs to be rescued in the area–we’ve got helicopters, which is where I’m at right now, we’ve got trucks, we’ve got trailers, we’ve got boats, we’ve got food, diapers, baby formula, everything you need,” Sparks continued.

Sparks said those needing help can email him at [email protected].

Volunteers continue to pour into Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Houston Police Sergeant Rodney Adams told pbs.org that citizen rescuers are responsible for 90 percent of the rescues and home visits brought on by the