Truck videos prove popular on YouTube

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Updated Feb 23, 2016

Out of seven pickup brands featured on YouTube, Ford has the most posted videos.

Tonight’s search for ‘Ford pickup’ revealed about 758,000 videos.

The top Ford truck video, with 8.9 million hits, features a Raptor sailing 90 feet through the air. The truck lands hard—really hard. This video is courtesy of Rednecks with Paychecks. Hopefully their paychecks didn’t land as hard in that nearby ambulance.

Next up is ‘Chevy pickup’ with about 518,000 videos. Interestingly enough, if you lowercase the ‘C’ in Chevy, you’ll get 2,000 more videos. Still, that’s 238,000 videos less than Ford. The most popular Chevy pickup video features a series of tug o’ wars between trucks. For nearly 10 minutes, trucks smoke their tires for bragging rights at the Daisy Dukes Truck Show.

In third place is ‘Honda pickup’ with 318,000 videos, beating out ‘Ram pickup’ by 32,000 videos. The most popular Honda truck video is the company’s 2017 Ridgeline Super Bowl TV ad with 7.6 million hits. Not bad, but it’s still behind Rednecks with Paychecks’ Raptor video by 1.3 million hits. If you watch the Raptor video below, you’ll see why.

The results for the YouTube pickup video search are listed below. Search terms that featured the word ‘truck’ rendered fewer results. YouTube rounds off their video counts to the nearest 1,000. Videos for the top 3 are also posted.

  1. Ford pickup with 758,000 videos
  2. Chevy pickup with 518,000 videos
  3. Honda pickup with 318,000 videos
  4. Ram pickup with 286,000 videos
  5. GMC pickup with 282,000 videos
  6. Toyota pickup with 246,000 videos
  7. Nissan pickup with 181,000 videos