Fun Trucks Freitag: A BMW MINI Cooper El Camino?!

Bruce made us do it. The Fun Trucks Friday staff was still kicking ourselves for letting Bruce Smith steal our thunder with his concept truck roundup earlier in the week when this little project came across the desk – and when we say ‘little,’ we mean MINI.

A creative collaboration between young apprentices and their instructors at the BMW plant in Munich has produced an interesting take on the venerable El Camino idea. Choosing the MINI Cooper S Paceman as their base model, the students transformed the car into a two-seater pickup.

A turbocharged 184-hp engine, all-wheel drive, a modified suspension and numerous unique features mean the versatile MINI Paceman Adventure is ready for just about anything.

The pickup has the typically MINI short overhangs, a modified chassis with extended ground clearance and much higher front and rear clearance ramps. The snorkel-like roof level air intake suggests that the MINI Paceman Adventure could tackle a challenging river crossing.

Additional lights mounted on the front cross member of the roof rack optimize visibility at night, while special off-road tires with wide and deep treads guarantee the perfect traction.

The MINI Paceman Adventure also features exclusive Jungle Green metallic paintwork.

But sorry, this is a true one-off and there are no plans for series production.

(Photos © BMW GROUP)