Fuel Tank Tool Box Combos

Updated Jan 3, 2014

Buyers Guide: Combo Toolboxes

Dual-purpose tool/fuel boxes maximize bed space and increase utility value


by Steve Campbell

Work truck bed space is always at a premium, and lockable storage is even more valuable.

Having quick access to spare fuel is also nice, especially for smaller companies with just a couple pieces of equipment in the field.

So, contractors who need to carry spare fuel for construction and landscaping equipment, along with tools, oil, straps, chains and other small items used around a jobsite, find a bed-mounted combination toolbox/fuel tank an extremely attractive addition to their rolling office.

Today’s selection of bed-mounted combo tanks provide double, triple or even quadruple the capacity of the truck’s fuel tank, with capacities ranging from 30 to 100 gallons.

Those extra gallons of fuel in the bed of your pickup can provide a full day’s worth of work out of smaller equipment without wasted downtime making a fuel run.

Choosing which tool-and-fuel combo box is best for your needs is as much a matter of personal preference as it is design….read more or view full article in our digital magazine. (Reposted from 2012.)