ProPickup Has A New Home

Updated Jan 10, 2014


HWT PP Merger

ProPickup Merges With Hard Working Trucks

January merger with Hard Working Trucks deepens vocational truck news to fleet owners while expanding pickup truck coverage

Randall-Reilly’s popular ProPickup website is now officially part of Hard Working Trucks (HWT) website, giving HWT the largest and most comprhensive  coverage of working trucks on the web.

HWT is part of the Randall-Reilly Trucking Media Group and it covers all aspects of vocational work trucks from pickup trucks to big rigs.

Pickup coverage is easy to find on the HWT website. Just  click on the  “Pickup Trucks” tab at the top of the home page –or use the search box to find whatever item or topic you need information on.

“Bringing ProPickup onboard really strengthen our pickup coverage,” says HWT editor Jason Cannon of the merger.

“Likewise, ProPickup joining forces with HWT  brings a lot of vocational truck news to those who frequented PP’s website. Now we have truck coverage from pickups to vans to big rigs under one editorial roof.”

“This is exciting because anyone looking for news and information on the latest trucks and truck-related products will be able to find it at one location,” says Bruce Smith, founding editor of ProPickup.

“The heart of ProPickup’s editorial content will not change. It’s everything about pickups used for work, ” says Smith who assumes the new role of HWT Senior Editor.

“We’ll be providing the same kinds of how-to articles, product reviews, new vehicle road tests, project builds, and show coverage as we’ve done for the past three years. But now we’ll be able to provide more of it with the larger staff resources HWT provides.”