Econoaid Throttle Body Booster

Airaid Econoaid Throttle Body Booster

Throttle body plateThe Econoaid Throttle Body Booster spins the incoming air as it passes through your throttle body and over the multitude of Econoaid blades.

The turbulent air charge is carried through past intake valves for better atomization and more complete combustion!

The Econoaid Throttle Body Booster will give you a crisper throttle response, along with better gas mileage.

Results of this fuel saving device will always vary depending on vehicle type, driving habits, age of the vehicle, and driving environment, among other factors.

However, the company says that the average vehicle will see an extra 1-3 mpg and produce an extra 6-10 Ft lbs of Torque, which can be felt in the increased low-end throttle response.