JB Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

JB Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
JB Steering Fluid

This newly formulated Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner (UPS/555P) is recommended for most domestic and import cars and trucks.

Using a completely new formula containing 100% synthetic base oils, premium additives and JB Metal Conditioner®, it meets all US and European OEM standards.

It’s highly recommended for systems operating at above normal temperatures and temperatures below 0-degrees (-18-degrees C), and for systems with automatic leveling (Pentosin CHF 115).

It will not appreciably thin when hot or thicken when cold, providing excellent fluid efficiency and long life.

Justice Brothers Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner reduces pump and rack wear and pump noise, while conditioning seals and hoses to prevent leaks. This formula resists foaming, heat, oxidation and rusting, and is the industry recognized green in color. 

For more information: http://justicebrothers.com; (626) 359-9174.