Bedrock At Dallas PPTE

8/26/2013  PPTE2013 Pickups 1

ODO: 27,015

Just returned from the 2013 ProPickup Truck Expo in Dallas where the truck was on display with our Surveyor 1 Ram 2500 and Jeff Obremski’s Toyota Tundra.

Even though Bedrock isn’t lifted or rolling on 35-inch rubber, it still got a lot of “likes” by those attending the truck show.

Seems a lot of people appreciate Bedrock’s practical upgrades and basic black/silver theme.

Function with simple form.

Fuel economy over the 1,200-mile road trip stayed right around 15mpg with the 285/70R17 Cooper SST mud tires. Average speed, 70mph.

Overall, a good trip. — Bruce Smith / Editor