Hot SHot Diesel Fuel Treatment


Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment


Ohio-based Lubrication Specialties, Inc specializes in diesel fuel additives and one product is a must for contractors: Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT).

EDT is a concentrated cetane improver that will tremendously upgrade power and performance in all diesel equipment, increasing fuel and maintenance economy.

Composition:  The cetane improver in EDT consists of special nitrates which are pro-oxidants and which speed up the oxidative process of fuels during combustion, significantly increased ignition efficiency, giving more power and improved mileage.

In addition, EDT will prevent gum and sludge formation.

It also prevents corrosion with an inhibitor that produces a protective non-deposit-forming film on metal surfaces in the fuel system and which neutralizes corrosive acid formed during combustion.

An important component of EDT is a special emulsifier which disperses condensed moisture, which is a major cause of rust, icing in cold weather and the growth of microorganisms in warm weather.

EDT contains an exclusive polar lubricity additive to prevent wear without altering fuel viscosity.  Fuel treated with EDT is  â€śPREMIUM” diesel fuel.

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