Diesel Versus Gasoline: Who Wins?

Diesel is set to Surpass Gasoline as Global Transportation Fuel

According to U.S. international energy and transportation experts, Rock Products has reported diesel fuel will continue to be the dominant growth fuel in transportation for several decades to come. With more than 80 percent of cargo in the United States transported by diesel power and more than 90 percent worldwide, advancements in diesel technology is playing a major role in improving fuel efficiency.2013-Ram-1500-right-front-1

This fact is evident in the pickup war.

Just last week, Ford announced it would not be introducing a diesel variant for its half-ton pickup. Its competitors, on the other hand, have taken a step in the direction of diesel’s growing power, adding diesel options for their pickups. Diesel’s growing popularity has found itself in the middle of the pickup war.

The debate between diesel and gas continues to wage on with consumers eagerly waiting the release of next year’s pickup. With diesel fuel set to be the dominant fuel source for years to come, will this affect company’s future decisions in offering a diesel alternative?

It appears so. Just look at the company’s offering a diesel option in their pickups. Companies such as Chrysler and GM have made the pledge to offer a diesel pickup truck. Diesel fever is running rampant. Pretty soon, Ford may catch on.