Best Color For Vehicle Fog Lights

Super Crew night fog lights

VEHICLE FOG LIGHTS: Amber Is The Best Color


A well-designed lens makes the difference between a fog light that actually does the job and an ornamental fog light that just looks cool.

Lens color adds to that performance difference.

White (clear) is the more common lens, although amber and yellow lenses work better in rain, snow, dust and fog.

Stay away from blue spectrum lights (color temps above 6,500 degrees Kelvin), found in many HID lamp offerings, as the eye doesn’t respond as well, especially at a distance.

As for power, a higher Lumens output produces a brighter, more penetrating beam. Lights developing less than 1,000 Lumens probably aren’t the best bet if inclement driving conditions are a regular occurence where you live.

(Lumens is the measurement of how well a light illuminates an object at a set distance. Watts is just a measure of energy consumed and has nothing to do with the way the light beam is projected.)

If you are still buying using watts as your guide, bargain fog lights are typically rated 35 watts, while the better, higher-performance models can come with 100-watt output.

When you drive your pickup for business or spend a lot of time on the road in bad weather conditions, upgrading to quality fog lights is an excellent safety move. — Bruce W. Smith