Tractor-trailer gets stuck on bike path

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Updated Oct 9, 2018

While we’ve seen tractor-trailers end up stranded on beach board walks and stuck on narrow roads where they don’t belong, this is the first time we’ve seen one get hung up on a bike path.

Police in Columbus, Ohio report on their Facebook page that the confused, out-of-town driver got onto the bike path while trying to find an onramp for OH-315 North. His mistake not only led to his colliding with two low bridges, it also racked up plenty of comments.

“This isn’t ‘OOPS’ like it’s some cutesy minor mistake. It’s a TRACTOR TRAILER ON THE FRIGGIN’ BIKE PATH,” one Facebook user writes. “I seriously hope this guy is losing his CDL immediately. To get where he his, he had to turn at a crosswalk, drive over the red textured curb cut markers indicating a sidewalk, drive over an obviously useless plastic bollard, and past a sign next to the BIKE PATH which reads ‘NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES.'”

Yeah, it’s going to be tough living this one down. Police charged the driver with reckless operation and traffic control device.‬