California Highway Patrol inspects Tesla Semi & calls it ‘very clean’

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Updated Aug 18, 2018

The California Highway Patrol has gotten plenty of attention after posting pictures and comments of a Tesla Semi that went through its Donner Pass inspection station recently in Truckee, Calif.

CHP’s Facebook page had over 500 comments including some questions about the silver Semi.

“Donner Pass, what do you all think about the Tesla?” one Facebook user asks.

“Very easy to inspect and very clean,” CHP responds.

In answering a similar question, CHP writes: “We like it. Very clean.”

CHP notes that the truck passed inspection. Sorry, no video though.

The Semi has made news before for its 239-mile trips from the company’s factory headquarters in Fremont, Calif. to the Tesla Gigabit battery plant in Sparks, Nev.

Truckee, Calif. is located along Interstate 80 about 35 miles west of Sparks.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reported that the Semi will be available with a range of up to 600 miles. It’s expected to enter production next year.

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