Tesla Semi spotted hauling concrete blocks

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Is a picture worth a thousand words? How about thousands of comments and shares–and plenty of questions too.

Recent photos of a Tesla Semi hauling a load of concrete blocks has created quite a stir on Facebook. The California Highway Patrol at Donner Pass posted the pictures of the all-electric tractor along with quite an endorsement.

“Electric trucks are definitely the future,” CHP writes. “We look forward to seeing more electric trucks on the road.”

CHP has posted before about how easy it is to inspect a Tesla Semi. The one shown on this page, according to its driver, weighs in at 75,000 pounds with the blocks. But how much of that is concrete versus batteries is up for debate.

“My 06 Pete pulls 15 of those blocks and scales out at 77,900 legal on all axles,” posts Facebook user and trucker James Mcarthur. “He has 9 and he’s 75,000? How much does that tractor weigh?”

While electric powertrains are slowly making their way into larger vehicle classes, the same concerns still apply with chief among them being range, payload capacity, charge time and charging infrastructure. There are other questions…a lot of questions. Here’s to hoping that Tesla will let an auto reporter tag along on their next big haul.