Thieves arrested for stealing iPhones from moving truck

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How far are some thieves willing to go?

Even a truck out driving on a delivery run apparently wasn’t enough to deter a determined group of thieves in the Netherlands from breaking into the moving vehicle and stealing $590,000 worth of iPhones. (Video below shows some thieves attempting to break into a moving truck.)

Dutch police report that five Romanian men used a modified van to inch so close to the truck as it traveled down a Dutch road that one of the suspects was able to walk on the van’s hood and enter the back of the truck where boxes of iPhones were stacked for delivery. The suspect then simply handed one box after another to an accomplice on the van.

The men are suspects in 17 other robberies, according to NLTimes. Five of the robberies occurred in the Netherlands, while the rest occurred elsewhere in Europe. Thefts from moving cargo trucks have been on the rise in the Netherlands. During the first quarter of 2017, 136 trucks were robbed while traveling on the road, a 46 percent jump from the same period a year prior.