Kinedyne offering training video for Kaptive Beam System

Updated Feb 14, 2014

Kinedyne has produced a free training video outlining the best-use tips and common misuses for its Kaptive Beam System.

The 11-minute training video will be available to all new and existing Kaptive Beam customers by special request made to Kinedyne’s National Product Manager – Engineered Solutions, Scott Frazier. 

Interested customers can contact Scott Frazier through Kinedyne’s customer service line at 800-848-6057 or [email protected].

“As the trucking industry evolves with new challenges such as the recent HOS regulations, supportive tools to maximize cargo space, like Kaptive Beam, are increasingly important,” says Paul Wolford, VP of Sales and Marketing at Kinedyne. “This new video shares the learnings we have acquired from our Solutions Team and fleet customers over the years so that everyone can ensure they are utilizing their Kaptive Beam System to its best ability.”

The Kaptive Beam Training Video includes:

1. Components of the Kaptive Beam System: A breakdown of all the parts of the Kaptive Beam System

2. Proper and Safe Use of the Decking System: Including best use tips for ease and common errors to avoid

3. How to Safely and Effectively Load the Kaptive Beam Trailer: Covering examples of single and double track systems, how to secure oddly shaped pieces, and recommendations on loading order

4. General Maintenance of the Decking System: Featuring quick maintenance steps that can be completed on the road and recommendations on replacement parts to have on hand