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Propane truck crash expected to burn for days
Tom Quimby | February 15, 2018
A Southern Propane bobtail overturned on Monday and could not be safely towed. (photo:

A large flame wafts in the breeze tonight on a rural South Carolina road in York County and will likely be burning there for the rest of the week following a propane truck crash on Monday.

The Southern Propane bobtail had been hauling 2,500 gallons of liquid propane when its driver lost control and sent the truck off McFarland Road into a ditch where it overturned. No injuries were reported, according to The driver was ticketed for unsafe driving.

State and county officials decided to burn off the propane since a valve that would have allowed the gas to be transferred to another bobtail was damaged in the crash. Towing was ruled out over concerns of a possible tank rupture. The flame is expected to burn for the next four or five days. The road will remain closed and the burn-off will be monitored during that time.


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