Rand McNally launches OverDryve 8 Pro II

Rand McNally recently announced the OverDryve 8 Pro II, the next generation of its multi-functional trucking device which can be used for navigating, playing SiriusXM radio, recording dash cam footage, calling and texting hands-free, browsing the web and more.

The OverDryve 8 Pro II features a new design that is three times faster than the first-generation devices. Additionally, routing on the new OverDryve Pro device is powered by Rand Navigation 2.0, the company’s proprietary navigation that debuted earlier this year.

Other innovations of the OverDryve 8 Pro II include a fully adjustable built-in dash cam, which can be moved and positioned to record an optimal view, and an improved magnetic mount, which enables quick mounting and removal while holding the unit more firmly in place when mounted.

“What we’ve done with this next generation is upgrade and improve upon the most valuable features of our OverDryve Pro devices,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “Rand Navigation 2.0 on its own brings OverDryve Pro to a whole new level of technological sophistication for professional drivers. The new navigation significantly improves usability with truly remarkable, glanceable graphics and provides access to advanced features like weather and traffic overlays that give current conditions and those down the road.”

Key features of the OverDryve 8 Pro include:

  • A vibrant, high-definition 8-inch screen
  • Rand Navigation 2.0 featuring advanced truck routing, a modern, clean interface, and easy to see visuals such as three-dimensional cities and landmarks
  • A fully adjustable dash cam with loop recording and an integrated G sensor to create optimal recordings
  • Built-in SiriusXMradio with the first 3 months of service free
  • An upgraded, stronger magnetic mount that supports tethering to enable playing audio from OverDryve 8 Pro through any Bluetoothspeaker
  • Dedicated digital signal processing for greater audio clarity on calls
  • Significantly more battery capacity and more powerful processors for faster routing and smoother graphics
  • Live traffic, current fuel prices, and weather conditions down the road
  • Enhanced driver tools such as mileage and fuel logs
  • ELD-readiness with the Rand McNally DriverConnect app on board
  • And, safety features such as voice assistance and hands-free calling and texting

This year, Rand McNally has overhauled its complete line of dedicated in-cab devices, moving them to the Rand Navigation 2.0 platform in the process. The Chicago-based company also is offering the navigation software as an Android app for trucking fleet subscription.

Over Dryve 8 Pro Ii Front