Truck-mounted hand-washer tank available from National Fleet

National Fleet Products announced the introduction of its new portable and vehicle-mounted hand-washing stations. The rugged, purpose-built product design allows water and hand sanitizer to be dispensed virtually anywhere, and application-specific hardware enables units to stand on their own, or to be mounted to a wide variety of vehicles.

President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America lists hand-washing first under its guidelines for practicing good hygiene.

The black or translucent white water-dispensing tanks come in 6.5 gallon and 10-gallon sizes and are made of durable, virgin polypropylene with an additive that makes them resistant to UV rays. An integrated removable soap dispenser serves as the cap to the filling port, and a separate cap is also available.

Img 2367Spring-toggle water spigots are easy to operate, and because they automatically stop water flow when no longer depressed, they protect against recontamination because there is no need to touch them again once hands are washed. The spigots are recessed and side mounted to protect them from damage.

Portable units are available with powder-coated steel frame stands that can be outfitted with additional accessories such as paper towel dispensers, graphic signage and more. Vehicle-mounted units are available with frame- and body-mounting hardware that is compatible with virtually any type of truck, including heavy-, medium- and light-duty pickups, work trucks, box vans, ag and construction equipment, trailers and more.

“Our versatile mobile hygiene station will be a game changer, making hand-washing more accessible and convenient and helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” Steven Peterson, president of National Fleet Products, said. “These cleansing stations can go virtually anywhere and will now enable all sorts of businesses to protect their workers and their customers from transmitting disease.”

The new units meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for hand-washing stations at construction sites and can easily be positioned and repositioned as the need arises.

The vehicle-mounted hygiene station enables drivers and crews to sanitize their hands before reentering the vehicle. The system also allows workers and others to avoid unnecessary exposure to hand-washing fixtures in public restrooms, often recognized as key vectors for disease exposure and transmission.

Img 0957“I had one municipal solid waste fleet tell me that they are excited to have such a versatile sanitizing solution, because they want to keep their people working, but they want to keep them safe in the process,” Peterson said. “Our new portable and vehicle-mounted hand-washing stations help establish new behaviors and reinforce better, more health-conscious habits.”

National Fleet Products’ new portable hand-washing stations can be located at warehouse shipping and receiving doorways, at manufacturing and commercial building points of entry, near fixed and portable restroom facilities, adjacent to food production stands, on construction project sites and at agriculture production and processing facilities. The vehicle-mounted hand-washing stations can go anywhere the vehicle goes.

Contact National Fleet Products directly by calling (763) 762-3451 or emailing [email protected]. The new portable and vehicle-mounted hand-washing stations are in stock now and available in the United States and Canada through the company’s extensive distribution network of convenient distribution locations