VMAC’s new HVAC Cooling System coming in time for summer

VMAC announced at the Work Truck Show today that it plans to formally release its new HVAC Cooling System for VMAC Multifunction in time for the warmer months, enabling its 6-in-1 multi-power system with Cat Power or Kubota engine to provide truck cab cooling.

The HVAC Cooling System for VMAC Multifunction will help reduce idling while cooling down a hot cab. Drivers can simply turn on the air conditioning when it’s hot without running the truck’s engine.

“While VMAC’s Multifunction system is designed to reduce idling, many end-users still idle their vehicles on hot days so they can use their cab’s air conditioning,” said Mike Pettigrew, VMAC’s Marketing Manager. “The new HVAC Cooling System allows operators to use their VMAC Multifunction and turn off their truck engines in hot weather, without compromising on personal comfort.”

The HVAC Cooling System for VMAC Multifunction is designed to integrate seamlessly with VMAC’s Multifunction Power System, a 6-in-1 multi-power system that includes a rotary screw air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, PTO with optional hydraulic pump, and integrated cold climate kit.

Some additional benefits of VMAC’s Multifunction with the HVAC Cooling System include:

  • Reduce fuel consumption—potentially save over $6,000 per year in fuel & maintenance costs
  • Reduce operating costs & improve truck life with lower engine operating hours & engine wear
  • Eliminate noisy idling on the jobsite
  • Minimize environmental impact and decrease carbon footprint

VMAC has been working closely with dealers to develop the HVAC Cooling System after the innovative concept was announced earlier this year. VMAC’s 6-in-1 Multifunction system is already available, while the Multifunction with the HVAC Cooling System is anticipated to release by summer 2020.